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Scott Savol never went looking for fame. He simply wanted to do what he loved most — sing and perform for others.  As a shy three year old, compelled to share his voice with others, he sang while sitting under the kitchen table where no one could watch him.  Two decades later, the television phenomenon called American Idol has cured Savol of any remaining fears of public performance, gave him a worldwide platform to perform, and brought him instant notoriety.

Ohio native Scott Savol became a household name in 2005 when he finished in the top five of American Idol Season 4.  This number one rated series reached an average of 30 million viewers per episode and tallied a record breaking 500 million votes. Season 4 was touted as having the highest ratings and the best singers of any past Idol season, and Savol was adored by the Idol audience and judges alike.

One of the most talked about and memorable of the Season 4 finalists, Scott Savol is the uncommon star that has endeared himself to Idol fans by being down-to-earth, soft spoken, humble and deeply spiritual.  Fans seem to gravitate toward this "everyday guy," and his lack of "showbiz polish" seems to be part of his appeal. Prior to his appearance on American Idol, Savol was working as a corrections officer at an Ohio county jail. Scott considers himself to be a regular working class guy who happens to have a gifted voice.   

As an Idol finalist, Savol toured nationally with his fellow contestants, including last summer's 44-city, sold out American Idol arena tour. The American Idol Showstoppers album, which includes songs from the top 12 Idol contestants, features his single "Against All Odds (Take a Look At Me Now)" and has been certified Gold.


Cleveland, Ohio

April 30

When You Tell Me That You Love Me - (American Idol single to benefit the Red Cross)

American Idol Showstoppers —
Gold (7/26/05)